Climate School Strike

To support young people throughout the world ,who have been demanding action to tackle the climate crisis, adults are being asked to join the climate school strikes on Friday,20th September ahead of the important UN climate summit that week. Those

Circular Economy

Making products by mining for raw materials, manufacturing these into a product, using the product till it wears out, then disposing of it to landfill is non-sustainable, so says Walter Stahal, in his recent book, the Circular Economy. He promotes

Who owns England?

Guy Shrubsole, author of “Who owns England? How we lost our green and pleasant land and how to take it back, 2019”, has produced a fascinating analysis of all that is wrong with land ownership in England today. While he

Electric cars and vehicle to grid energy transfer

In writing a section recently on Electric Vehicles for this website “sustainability-in-practice”, the experts I talked to kept emphasising how battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are going to improve city air quality, our grid and the efficiency of renewable power generation.

New Anaerobic Digester could improve Aberdeen’s household wastes collection system

The proposal to build an anaerobic digestor (AD) plant to digest food waste and create biogas offers an excellent opportunity for Aberdeen to improve its waste collection system. AD plants like good quality, uncontaminated, food waste. This is best collected

My response to MSPs regarding climate change (emissions reduction targets) (Scotand) bill 2019

I am delighted that the Scottish Government has submitted a Climate Change (Scotland) Bill for consultation. Having an Act with specific climate emission limits for precise future dates is an essential step forward to avert catastrophic climate change. There are