Sustainability in Practice

Planet Earth at risk

UK uses 3 planets worth of resources

In the UK, we presently use resources equivalent to three planet earths, yet we only have one planet. If planet earth is to have a future, we need to change our profligate use of resources and develop a sustainable way of life.

We have to create a circular economy, where food, fertiliser, fuels, timber, metals, etc., meet the needs of our population without depleting the planet’s resource. This has to be done while we change from a hydrocarbon to a renewable energy based economy.

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What can we do?

Moving from 3 planets to 2

Persuading others to change to a low carbon, low resource use lifestyle is extraordinarily difficult. In contrast, we are each in control of our own house, garden and the way we live, so reducing our own environmental footprint is much easier.

Discover what you can do immediately to minimise your resource use and carbon footprint and contribute to reducing the UK’s environmental footprint from three planets to two.

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What else can we do?

Moving from 2 planets to 1

Many issues like energy generation, road infrastructure, waste treatment, are beyond our individual control, but still need to be made sustainable. Together we must try to influence government and commerce to reduce the UK’s environmental footprint to sustainable levels.

Step through the issues of Transport, Electricity Generation, UK carbon dioxide output, the Grid, the Circular Economy, Household Waste Overview, Population, and Commerce to review what needs to be done to allow us to achieve one planet living.

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Last update: 05 January 2021