Sustainability in Practice is not for optimists, or pessimists, but activists. It illustrates ways of minimising energy use in the home, in travel, in purchases and in improving biodiversity in gardens and surrounding green areas.

Sustainability In Practice is targeted at:-

  • Home owners, tenants and gardeners who wish to live more sustainably
  • Tradesmen, building surveyors, architects and council staff working on housing upgrades
  • Residents wishing to save money by living more simply
  • High energy users who wish to develop lifestyle strategies should energy rationing (Hillman, 2004) be introduced
Sustainable living

Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

Persuading others to change to a low carbon, sustainable, lifestyle is extraordinarily difficult. In contrast, you are in control of your own house, garden and the way you live, so reducing your own footprint is much easier. Your example may well motivate others to copy your actions.

Individual responsibility

sustainable activity

Walking for pleasure

Taking responsibility for the planet brings people together through shared endeavor. This may prevent us buying a desirable Range Rover gas guzzler, or limit overseas holidays, but is compensated by the satisfaction from leading a simpler life. Keeping fit by walking, cycling or bussing to work, going country walks or mountain biking, gardening, angling, playing golf, tennis or bowls, are all low energy activities that promote well-being.  Minimising the energy we use and the waste we produce, buying food in season,  taking holidays in favorite haunts close to home or if going far, travelling by train, all promote the satisfaction of treading softly on the earth.

Two and one planet living

We in Scotland presently use the resources of three planet earths. We only have one. By clicking on 2 Planet Living on the menu ribbon above, in 30 minutes you can see a range of actions that you can take to reduce your use of resources to just two planets.  By clicking on 1 Planet living, it will take you a further 30 minutes to see what Government and commerce should do to reduce your share of resource use to just one planet. This will hopefully give you and others direction in persuading the authorities how to act, but will generate ideas for the community as to how to improve and refine these aims.   This site is being developed during December 2017 to April 2018, so some categories are either slim or blank, but should be finished by April. Any contributions for incorporation in this site during or after this date are most welcome.

Website funding

The website is funded by me, out of concern for the threat to the survival of future generations on an ever warming planet. To avoid vested interests skewing the development of low carbon policies for their own benefit, no commercial sponsorship will be accepted for any activity linked to this website. Commercial companies have, however, an essential role in developing and supplying the tools needed to achieve a low carbon society.

If the site is found to be useful, it may be better to put it on a more formal basis. Activities like staging meetings or conferences may occur, so funds may be required. In anticipation of this, any expenditures or income for the site will be displayed on an Excel Worksheet (Sus-in-practice-Accounts-2018), to conform to the transparency principals of a not-for-profit organisation.