This website sets out to act as a resource or library of practical information for living more sustainably. To avoid commercial bias in our posted material, information will be from non-business sources. This is not to devalue the potential contribution of business, as it obviously has a huge role to play in providing the materials and technologies that will deliver a sustainable future. It is just to prevent commercial self interest creeping into “sustainable” recommendations, skewing advice to favor certain products and causing readers to doubt the information.

Website funding

The website is funded by me, out of concern for the threat to the survival of future generations on an ever warming planet. To date most of the contributions to the site have been provided free. Where expenditures have been made, these are displayed on an Excel Worksheet (Accounts-2018), to conform to the transparency principals of a not-for-profit organisation. Should any income be forthcoming for any activity, these will similarly be logged.

Web Content

Bob Pringle

I am a chartered agricultural engineer who became converted to appropriate technology when working in rural development for VSO in East Nigeria in 1966-7. In my subsequent career working for Scottish Agricultural College, Aberdeen, I carried out research, consultancy and teaching on anaerobic digestion, farm mechanisation, crop storage, farm buildings, food preservation and packaging, renewable energy, plastic recycling and waste food composting. Following retirement, I continued teaching to Edinburgh University and SAC-Edinburgh MSc students on waste reduction and recycling, while also refurbishing my granite house to make it more energy efficient. This website therefore contains the various strands of my expertise, with a view to giving the public ideas as to how to live more sustainably. I live in the centre of Aberdeen.

Website Administrator

Dr Aenea Reid

Aenea is the formidable force designing and managing this website. Retired from Aberdeen University, where she was head of IT User Services, Aenea brings a professionalism and precision to what was previously a very basic site.

Dr Liz Lindsey

Liz is the ultimate sustainability echo-warrior, with expertise in how to live within the constraints of our planet. A keen cyclist, contributing to the “Safe cycling in town” leaflet, she has given up her car and uses Co-wheels for longer journeys.

Dr Nigel Dower

Philosopher, who was head of the Aberdeen University Philosophy Department prior to his retirement, Nigel is still active and gives talks and lectures on Peace and World Justice. His contribution to the website is on the ethics and practice of sustainable living.

Dr Hazel Carnegie

Hazel is a polymath, with a lifetime’s interest in environmental sustainability, particularly in energy conservation. A botanist by training, she is now a regular contributor to BBC Scotland talk ins. She helps to keep a balance to the recommendations on the website.

Ingrid Pringle

Ingrid provides the essential elements of proof reading for correct English and comprehensibility. Equally essential, she provides moral support and patience for Bob.

Last update: 25 May 2018