Secondary glazing for windows

In our 2007-14 granite house refurbishment, we decided to replace all the windows in the house with double glazed units. Two thirds were sliding sash and case; the remainder pivot windows. Two sash and case windows with coloured glass were

Confused by different recyling rules?

It’s infuriating! Every local council seems to have different rules for what can and can’t be put into your household recycling. Some insist you separate things into different containers – glass, paper, plastic, etc. – whilst others let you throw

Waste recycling kerbside sort is best

In December 2016, WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Plan, a government body, produced their “Harmonised Recycling Collections Costs Project”, for three areas in Wales, an Urban Authority, a Rural Authority and a Valley Authority. This showed that the kerbside

Fukushima- Impacts and Implications

David Elliott, a lifelong advocate of renewables, and OU Emeritus professor of Technology, is scrupulously balanced in his analysis as to whether the Fukushima nuclear accident has impacted on the world’s enthusiasm for nuclear power. In the majority of countries,

The solar revolution

The burning answer, by Keith Barnham Keith Barnham, ex-CERN physicist turned solar PV scientist and Emeritus Professor of Physics at Imperial College, London, makes a compelling case for wind, solar PV, tidal, biogas and biomass energy to provide the bulk

The carbon crunch – by Dieter Helm

Nero fiddles while Rome burns. This is Dieter Helm’s view of UK and international climate change policy on the action being taken on the threat to our planet of unrestricted carbon dioxide emissions. UK policy to reduce CO2 emissions by