New look website

Sustainability in practice now has a new circular menu system, using icons to point you towards your interests. The promised list of topics is now complete and up to date. Did you know that the strike price for onshore wind for 2022 is as low as £46 per MWh, compared with Nuclear at £93? This is all without subsidies. Who says wind energy is a waste of time.

Other items feature car sharing to reduce your carbon footprint, how to minimise food waste and packaging and comparative energy use for different transport options. The thorny issues of world population growth and associated migrations are addressed. What to do about plastic packaging is examined and we investigate how well Aberdeen is coping with its household waste strategy.  Badly as it turns out.

Find a spare free hour and click your way between topics. If you have any information that we can include, let us know by filling in the short form. We will then get in touch. Happy reading.