Fukushima- Impacts and Implications

David Elliott, a lifelong advocate of renewables, and OU Emeritus professor of Technology, is scrupulously balanced in his analysis as to whether the Fukushima nuclear accident has impacted on the world’s enthusiasm for nuclear power. In the majority of countries, with the exception of the UK, people and governments since the accident have become less enthusiastic. While governments worldwide subsidise nuclear power by 41%, while only subsidising renewables and fossil fuels each by 10% and energy efficiency by 14%, the slow down in building of nuclear power stations has been influenced by the continuing reduction in the cost of renewable energy, which is undermining the economic case for nuclear. One fascinating insight in the book is how nuclear energy production is not a natural complement to solar and wind, as it is a “base load” provider, not an energy source that can be rapidly switched in when wind or solar is absent. Which will give way when wind or solar are generating well? David has three websites full of information and comment, 1) Renew on line http://www.natta-renew.org/, 2) Monthly overview, http://delliott6.blogspot.co.uk, and 3) a weekly Renewable energy blog, https://environmentalresearchweb.org/blog/renew-your-energy/