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New Anaerobic Digester could improve Aberdeen’s household wastes collection system

The proposal to build an anaerobic digestor (AD) plant to digest food waste and create biogas offers an excellent opportunity for Aberdeen to improve its waste collection system. AD plants like good quality, uncontaminated, food waste. This is best collected

New Scottish Energy4All Hydro schemes needing investors

Energy4All will soon be launching a new Community Energy Society in the next few weeks and is looking for investors to support the initiative. The Highland Community Energy Society will be the 24th in the Energy4All family of Societies and the

Fukushima- Impacts and Implications

David Elliott, a lifelong advocate of renewables, and OU Emeritus professor of Technology, is scrupulously balanced in his analysis as to whether the Fukushima nuclear accident has impacted on the world’s enthusiasm for nuclear power. In the majority of countries,

The solar revolution

The burning answer, by Keith Barnham Keith Barnham, ex-CERN physicist turned solar PV scientist and Emeritus Professor of Physics at Imperial College, London, makes a compelling case for wind, solar PV, tidal, biogas and biomass energy to provide the bulk

The carbon crunch – by Dieter Helm

Nero fiddles while Rome burns. This is Dieter Helm’s view of UK and international climate change policy on the action being taken on the threat to our planet of unrestricted carbon dioxide emissions. UK policy to reduce CO2 emissions by