Safe cycling in town


Using a car weighing between 1,500 to 2,000 kg to transport a 60-90 kg person around town is obviously inefficient and a wasteful use of precious fuel. Use it by all means to transport families or groups on longer trips for days out or holidays, but avoid using it for daily commuting. Walk, bike or take public transport instead. Safe cycling should become a norm.

Barriers to cycling

People may be put off cycling in town for a number of reasons; they may think it :-

  • is hard work
  • exposes you to rain, snow and wind
  • is dangerous
  • makes you sweaty, if commuting,  before work
  • does not go with the image of a cool professional

All these may be true to some extent, but after a few days on a good bike, your fitness will improve, so you hardly notice hills. If you want to start work looking cool, shower when you get to work rather than at home. Commuter cycling is invigorating and stress free. Eventually it will become your preferred mode of transport. The only real concern is safety, and this depends on how you cycle.

Safer cycling

To minimise any danger when cycling, use the leaflet “Tips for safer cycling in town” for guidance. The CyclingLeaflet-05-02-16 is designed for bike shops to give out when they sell new bikes. On the back of the leaflet is an blank box to type or stamp their address.